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        DEFENSIVE DRIVING....                                          LET'S GET STARTED  !


DRIVING LESSON  # 1.    WHY IS DEFENSIVE DRIVING IMPORTANT?                                                                        

   When you want to learn how to be a good cook, you learn about the details of cooking, the fundamentals of cooking so that you can have some success in cooking.  When you want to be a good parent, you get parenting books, you talk to people about parenting and you learn as much as you can about raising your children as you can.   Driving is something you NEED to get and be good at because driving a car is THE MOST DANGEROUS ACTIVITY you will be consistently doing over the course of your lifetime.  Driver Training For Adults Defensive Driving is very important if you  really  want to be safe.  Most people are basically taught how to pass the road test and they are barely able to protect themselves. That's the way it is, this is what we call our "driving culture".      Most of us take driving for granted...we see what other people do, and that's what we do.  We are really confident in our errors and bad habits in driving.  Many people even have the attitude of..."Don't tell me what to do in my car". Actually... "everyone can learn to drive", and Fundamental "DEFENSIVE DRIVING" is the best way to begin to get good at protecting yourself your family and passengers. The top 3 Fundamentals of DEFENSIVE DRIVING ARE:  1. UNDERSTANDING  what to do about INTERSECTIONS...the most dangerous "spot" on the whole road system.  2.  HOW to program and use your MIND AND EYES while driving.   3.  ALWAYS  having a SFD - Safe Following Distance.     Keep checking back at  for future lessons.   NEXT LESSON:  "INTERSECTIONS"...What's the problem?

DRIVING LESSON  # 2.   "INTERSECTIONS"...What's The Problem?           
  Well the problem is that 35% of all car crashes happen at an intersection.  That means that MORE than 1 out of every 3 accidents happens where two streets cross or meet.  That makes the intersection THE most dangerous one spot on the whole road system.  What's The Problem?...Most of us are not paying enough attention. We do not know what to be paying attention about ...most of us have not been taught much in the beginning, so we are doing something else rather than focusing on our driving. We are driving distracted.  Some people are even talking on a cell phone...that's worse than drunk driving. Some of us are even still TEXTING! We take driving for granted. We see what other people do and that's what we do.  Driving a car requires your FULL attention if you want to get good at protecting yourself and your passengers.  To start with, we must begin visually checking every intersection before we get there!  We have to see them coming ahead of time and we must look LEFT- RIGHT- LEFT- every one, every time, always.           Keep checking back for future lessons.                                                                                           NEXT:  "INTERSECTIONS"...What's the Solution?

DRIVING LESSON  # 3. "INTERSECTIONS" ...What's The Solution?                                                                   

  Part of the solution is getting people to realize that there is MORE to driving than they were originally taught.  Most of us that were taught as teenagers were for the most part taught about how to pass the road test...NOT about defensive driving, how to get better than good at protecting ourselves and our families. Most of us do not know what "defensive driving" even means.  So intersections...You must be looking "ahead", how far?...ALL THE WAY, but keeping your eyes moving.....2 times per second .  When you see a side street or intersections coming you have to keep your eyes moving and watching "everything" that's going on in front of you.  AND, you also have to be scanning and searching for danger .  (Scanning and Searching For Danger = THAT'S YOUR JOB WHEN YOUR DRIVING !  Most of us have never even heard of anything like that  before).   So we have to see the side streets and intersections ahead of time, before we get there.  When you see one coming you have to look, left, right, left, right.  Left first, because that is the car that is going to hit me FIRST.  Then right, then left again and then right AGAIN...and last...because that is the car that is going to hit me last.  Almost everyone looks RIGHT, first. We were never taught much in the beginning...the car coming from the left is going to hit me first.  Many people spend a lot of time looking to the right, and then when they see that it is clear from the right, then they will take their foot off the brake and look left...AS THE ARE GOING FORWARD. You say "I don't believe it!"  But, start watching what others and yourself do in these situations.  Start watching more closely, start becoming more conscious, more aware of what you and other drivers are doing and what is going on...IF you want to get better than average at driving.        NEXT:  INTERSECTIONS "WHY LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT"....                            No one does that!



 YEA RIGHT!!  Most of us do not double check at every intersection or junction.   And, most people have not been taught much in the first place.  The intersection is the most dangerous spot on the whole road system.  In defensive driving there are certain ways to do things, there are certain specific fundamentals.  Just like in football, or cooking, or shooting, or skydiving, there are special and certain ways and fundamentals you HAVE to know if you want to be good at it...would driving be any different?!...Of course not. Except that driving is the most dangerous activity you will be consistently doing in the course of your lifetime.  So, why left, right, left, right.   Most people look right first because they were never taught much!  Start watching what you and others do, if you even look at all !  You have to look LEFT first because that is the lane of traffic you will be crossing first. THAT IS THE CAR THAT IS GOING TO HIT ME FIRST.  Then look right, then look left again and then right LAST.  Right last  BECAUSE THAT IS THE CAR THAT IS GOING TO HIT ME LAST.  Almost everyone looks right first because we were not taught much.  We don't take driving seriously, we take it for granted...UNTIL someone gets hurt or killed.  Start practicing these Fundamentals of Defensive Driving in your own driving.  It takes time to unlearn the bad habits and learn new ones.  Be Patient with yourself and you WILL learn these important fundamentals for safe defensive driving.  Once you start to learn these will not want to drive any other way.  Let's get started !

    NEXT LESSON:  Why left, right, left, right?  Why do you NEED to                                       double check both ways?

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DRIVING LESSON  # 5. Why left, right, left, right?  Why do we NEED to double check both ways at intersections?


  We need to double check EVERYTHING in driving.  Double check the tires, double check the wipers, double check the tire air pressure, double check to make sure our headlights are on, double check our rear view mirror, double and triple check pedestrians...and sometimes 4 and 5 times.  That means I have to keep my eyes moving, looking for danger,(How to use your mind and eyes will be in a future lesson).  So, why double check both ways at intersections and junctions?  We have to look both ways twice because...IS ONCE ENOUGH...while you are doing the most dangerous activity you will be consistently doing in your life....driving a car? Once is never's LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT. 1.  Double check both ways because something might change.  Something might come after you look the first time.  Can things change in a second? YES...things can change is LESS than a second.  Driving a car is an inherently FAST AND DANGEROUS activity and experience.  Driving requires your FULL attention...If you seriously want to get better than average at it!  DO YOU??  2.  Double check both ways because you might miss something the first time you looked.  Is that even possible?...I might miss something the first time I looked...Is that even possible? "Youbetcha!"  Especially if you are rushing; when your rushing your going to miss a lot of things.  Your going to miss things even if your not rushing.  You might only be concentrating at 75%!!!, and you WILL miss seeing something that was actually there the first time you looked. You always have to double check, once is never enough...EVER, NEVER...not  IF  you really want to get better than average at protecting yourself and your family.  Start practicing these fundamentals in your car.  Start to learn, it's never too late to improve your driving. We need to continue to learn about our driving.  

  NEXT LESSON:  The MIND and EYES, which is more important?


DRIVING LESSON  # 6. THE MIND AND EYES..."which is more               important" ?


  In DRIVING LESSON  # 1 ,  We listed the 3 most important basic fundamentals in Defensive Driving.  They are...1.  UNDERSTANDING what to do about intersections, the most dangerous spot on the whole road.   2.  How to program and use your MIND AND EYES while driving.   3.  Always having a "SFD"- Safe Following Distance.   In defensive driving there really is no such thing as the most important fundamental, when it comes to defensive driving they are ALL important. To protect yourself and your family there is no one most important thing to do, there is no have to be doing ALL of them...BUT...IF,        "IF"...We had to pick ONE, we can't really pick one...BUT, IF we had to pick ONE fundamental as "THE MOST IMPORTANT" would be the MIND AND THE EYES !  Then which one would be the most important...THE MIND or THE EYES?  Well, you really can't choose one of those because they have to be constantly working together.  The mind, without the eyes can't see anything and the eyes without the mind wouldn't work either.  IT'S THE MIND and THE EYES ! They have to be continuously working together.  The mind controls the eyes and the eyes "see" for the mind, they are inseparable in driving.  




   The first issues that we must address at the beginning of any serious discussion about Defensive Driving are  DESIRE, MOTIVATION,  ABILITY,  TEACHING  and  EXECUTION.  When we went out for football in high school some of us like me didn't know much about the sport, I just wanted to play and hit somebody.   I was undeveloped mentally and emotionally...and small.  I had the desire to play but not the ability or education or training to be able to function even at a very low level.  All I can remember is getting the heck beat out of me.  I quit playing football.  Until 2 years later.  DESIRE, is a driving force in our lives that when applied to the desired object can highly MOTIVATE us depending on the degree of desire.  Well, I didn't play football for two more years, but I went to all the football games and stood in the stands and watched the games.  The DESIRE to be on the field was so great that it was very uncomfortable to even go and watch the games...but I had to...desire. Would driving be any different?  No!...except that driving is THE most dangerous activity that we consistently do almost every day .  Desire is necessary if we want to be a Defensive Drivers...better than average...MUCH better. 

   In driving, most people have not been taught much; we develop many bad habits, becoming "confident" in those bad habits,  and we pass all those bad habits on to our children!  For years I have taught teenagers, 15 and 16 year olds and what I would see every time I would begin educating and training them is that they would already have certain ideas and ways of looking at and doing things.  I could see that this "child" had been watching their parents driving their whole life and what the teenager would be trying to do IS exactly what they had been watchng...their whole life.  Speeding Tailgating and Inattentiveness.  They had to be REEDUCATED.  Just like us...if we want to get better then average at protecting ourselves and our families.  It can be done...with DESIRE... to start. 

   After 2 years of watching "my" team play football, I had matured physically a lot more and somewhat mentally and emotionally.  I decided to try out for the team again.  The coach was pretty skeptical, but my desire was intense...I really wanted to play now and I was willing to do whatever it would take to play.  So the coach said..."OK, but you have to be willing to be taught and learn and even MOTIVATED! Motivated to want to be the best you can be and have a desire to WIN".  I said, "Yes Coach".  He gave me my uniform and when I went to pratice they put me with the JV team and I was knocking everyone down with extreme prejudice.  My last year playing football, the coach said that I was on the Varsity but that they were watching me because I make too many mistakes.  That year we went 8-0, and I was on the All-Conference Team.   DESIRE ~ MOTIVATION.....just like driving.  You CAN become a defensive driver, you just need to be willing to be taught, have a good teacher, and to be willing you must see the need to protect yourself and your family and then have the desire..."sorta like salvation".  

  NEXT LESSON:   THE MIND AND EYES...Part2: "Total Concentration" 



DRIVING LESSON  # 8.  THE MIND AND EYES...Part 2: "Total Concentration" .            


   So we see that DESIRE is very important in anythng that you are trying to accomplish in life.  You have to really want it to get it or be it or do it or believe it.....even being a safe defensive driver !   Expecially that ! If you have the desire and your really want it, then you have the beginning of MOTIVATION...This is "Part 2".  

   To become a  better than average driver  in this world of "FASTER IS BETTER",   you need to know the fundamentals of safe defensive driving.....THE've got the desire to want to drive and you really want to be good at it to protect yourself and your family, so begins the motivation.  But, it's even more than that; you've got to want to do it in and about your driving, the most dangerous activity that you will be consistently doing in your live.   

   The MIND IS the most important fundamental in all of driving...makes sense doesn't it.   NOT REALLY!  If it made sense more people would realize it, but most people take driving for granted.  We see how other people drive and that's what we do.  What also compounds the driving situation is that...MOST OF US HAVE NOT BEEN TAUGHT MUCH ABOUT DRIVING IN THE BEGINNING.  We were taught the barest minimum so that we would be able to pass the roadtest.  We were not taught how to protect ourselves and our families and passengers. 

     to be continued.......